JoanSeverance_RaymondJarchow_1vitiligo |ˌvītlˈīgō; -ˈēgō|
noun Medicine
a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause. Also called leucoderma .
ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Latin, literally ‘tetter.’

a temporary loss of function of melanocytes causes skin to appear whitish in areas

There are many sources on the web where one can discover information on Vitiligo. As no one has mentioned the actual cause of the condition the information is just that–info—not fact. People always want an answer when they visit the Doctor and so they have been given some as habit by the medical establishment.
Some will say Vitiligo has to do with Gluten intolerance, some say it has to do with an auto-immune attack on the body, while others say it is a loss of melanocytes or genetic. It could be this or that—well it could be none of those as well.MicahelJackson_vit

Current research has proven that it is not a loss, but rather a malfunction at the melanocyte. The cause of the malfunction again has been hypothesized to be auto-immune, chemical exposure, enzymatic disturbance and on and on—again no one knows why the loss of function is occurring and why it decides to suddenly stop functioning. Many who have suffered a severe accident have had Vitiligo appear instantly, others who have witnessed extreme loss find it occurring…seems there could be a link to nerves and stress or how one copes with stressors.

Certain healing modalities believe that the Mind plays a huge role in determining our health. Let’s think about that for a moment….let’s go way back…”In the beginning God said- Let there be Light–and there was Light”…..when I hear this I think –WOW—whatever you say happens!!

So what could we with Vitiligo possibly be telling ourselves that would create our biological system to make white patches on the skin???

Several thoughts I have would be—

  • I need more Light in the body system (maybe some frequency that I am not getting as in NB-UVB)
  • I need to be noticed (one certainly notices themselves as well as others noticing them when Vitiligo appears)
  • I need less darkness in my life ( bad relationships, attitude, misery etc)
  • As Light is information–I need more information (this could be a nutrient, enzyme, protein, connection to Source, information about an event that was witnessed or experienced)

cropped-cropped-giraffe.jpgHopefully the World will start looking at the possibility that the condition could be entirely driven by the Soul or Mind and when the establishments recognize that healing can only occur by healing all bodies—Soul-Mind-Body—then we may be on the way to the cure for Vitiligo.

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So, be careful what you think – as the outcome of that enerrgy may effect your physical being.

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