Exceptionally Beautiful

Have you ever had someone pay you a complement and when they walked away said to yourself–

“Were they talking about me?”

That happened to me today and within a few seconds I realized why this total stranger had felt compelled to tell me that I was Exceptionally Beautiful— I think he chose his words appropriately and it was that Exceptionally word that stuck with me after he walked away.

He had watched me leave a store and get in my car. He then got out of his car–smiled at me through my car window and begged me to roll down the window–I cracked it slightly as I had no idea who this dude was or what he wanted–he then said.

” I don’t know why but I have to tell you that you are Exceptionally Beautiful” then he walked off.

Now–I had just gotten out of the gym, was sweaty, no make-up and my hair was –well who knows what it looked liked–I took a quick look in the mirror as he left and said to myself–wow–his idea of beautiful is gracious!

Then I noticed a patch of white skin that peeked out from my t-shirt and it suddenly hit me—he saw that I had Vitiligo–and was compelled to comment.

As I drove away–I had a smile on my face and y thoughts were:

1) He must have Vitiligo as well, so he knows what it is like

2) He knows someone who has it and knows the comments they usually get-so he injected another kinder POV

3) He was desperate:)

4) He is an angel that has to say that to so many people each day to earn his wings

Whatever the case–it got me thinking and writing this small story–to share with others and to pass on the fact that we with Vitiligo  are rare like diamonds and rich like caviar, are soft as silk and strong like steel…we are Exceptionally Beautiful people.

This is not a post for comments that elude to what I look like—-it is purely to bring attention to the fact that when one is moved to express to another–they should–and for whatever reason–as that one encounter can lift spirits and maybe change the course of someones day enormously….so pass it on..and remember we are all Exceptional.


all rights reserved © joan severance 2013