Lipid Peroxides – ulcers and burns of skin

Cross referencing and research has kept me busy in writing my book about my life with Vitiligo and I am always pleasantly surprised when some “new” way of thinking about “old” theories is actually backed up by research.

Alas–I discovered last night some segment of a research paper from Japan that speaks about skin ulcers, burns and the severe inflammation that accompanies them in regards to lipid peroxides and S.O.D. (superoxide dismutase). The article mentions that injected or topically applied low molecular weight S.O.D. inhibits lipid peroxides and scavenges oxygen radicals. See article here.

This is a good thing for people with Vitiligo! There are a few products on the market that have this topical S.O.D as well as a few that have you buy the raw S.O.D. and mix when ready (as it does have a shelf life). This news also correlates to Dr. Hamer’s mention in his Scientific Chart of German New Medicine that Vitiligo is caused by ulcers.

The research article goes on to say that the severe inflammation from the ulcer or burns cause cytotoxicity–-one, of which in Vitiligo, would be the abundance of H2O2, according to Prof. Schallreuter.

So the chain reaction from start to finish seems to stem from the Ulcer or Burn. If the Ulcer is in the hypodermis (Dr. Hamer) this could cause the build up of H2O2 under the epidermis. As hair follicles , which reside deep in the epidermis near this activity, also turn white and can reverse back to their original color with Prof. Schallreuters treatment, we can surmise that Dr. Hamer’s reasoning that ulcers at this layer would be the physical initiation of white patches on skin and that the resulting accumulation of H2O2 would be the bodies own defense mechanism in healing the ulcer or burn that leads to the skin looking white (bleached). Once the H2O2 is tamed or removed, normal pigment has the capacity to return under conditions where the epidermis can actually function–in severe burns this may not occur. Even deep cuts or surface scratches can remain white. This is possibly due to the emotional response to the traumatic experience, “perceived” or “real” for that the person.

The question now goes back to, with Vitiligo, where are the ulcers coming from and why are they happening? Certain Vitiligo is found in burns. I know several people who have burned themselves and had white patches in the burned area, so this is nothing new. Ulcers on the skin surface would be easy to see but those underneath would not. The definition of ulcer is an open sore on the external or internal surface of the body.

Again, Dr. Hamer of German New Medicine, states that in his practice he has discovered that Vitiligo is caused by ulcers at this hypodermis/epidermis layer…where the body could actually be separated from the skin….as if you were to peel back the epidermis to expose the hypodermis.

This research certainly connected some dots for me today and I hope when you read this as well as the article and other posts and pages on this site that you too will start to recover the WHY of the white.

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