It’s all in your head

Recent research is proving time and time again that “we” are in complete charge of the experience we wish to have. So—-why do unwanted things happen to us? Could there be a hidden memory that is directing the nervous system to continuously repeat  a pattern that is unknown to us? A computer programmer will tell you that “code” can get into your software or even be  there “by design” from the beginning of installation….why does this matter to those with Vitiligo? Maybe the answer to the cause lies in the deeper inner workings of the Limbic System within the Amygdala…let’s ponder for a moment.

Episodic-autobiographical memory (EAM) networks—what are those? Glad you asked. Hans Markowitsch has researched the amygdala and has some enlightening info in regards to why certain bodily functions may be happening behind your back and unbeknownst to you or doctors…

The amygdala is part of the limbic system and its major reason of being involves a multitude of integrative emotional and sensory functions for the processing of autobiographical events, including the self-relevant social appraisal or perception of these and the biological responses to them. This special place in the head weaves together self perception, emotion and cognition of events–now get this—including the memories of past autobiographic events…

So what does that mean?  Well it means that if you happened to have perceived something long ago–pick an age–let’s say 2 yrs old, that perception (EAM) is still hanging in there, ready to be discovered and used when need be, by this little guy the amygdala. See the correlation of this with “code” from a software program.

It’s like an equation!
Equation A——If (THAT) happens then (THIS) must occur.

But if the, THAT, is based solely on your perception and emotion attached to the perception AND your perception is incorrect (doesn’t serve you–after all it is just a perception, NOT FACT) then the THIS which occurs may not be the only biological path of expression that exists….but try telling that to your little Amygdala! No–it is programmed from not only your little life but, as stated in a previous paragraph, the memories of other perceptions.

Now I will add my 2 cents here–these “other” memories of autobiographical events, I believe, like “genetic” or “hereditary” factors that are handed down from one generation to the next and appear as physical or personality traits…MAY have been passed onto you from prior generations, just like your hair color. What does this mean?

Well, the amygdala houses all these perceptions, emotions and memories of things that you and your ancestors held onto based solely on perception (not fact), attached an emotion that served best at the time of the event and carved a memory so that the next time this same scenario occurred–the Amygdala would be ready, willing and able to carry out the “perceived” biological necessity that would PROTECT you or your ancestors from the perceived threat to them. Of course this reaction would involve the organs, systems and actions that would best serve facilitation of protection based on the emotional and sensory perceptions.

Another amazing thing this gland is responsible for is to ensure that you are capable of integrating all perceptions, emotions and cognition into a perfect little package called your “integrated self”—others may call it your personality type. The amygdala holds that”code” that when a certain key is struck, the “code’ does what it is programmed to do and is set into motion.The results, in us with Vitiligo, are more white patches.

Ever really looked at how you react to something on all levels? Take a good look, stop when it happens, see how you feel, what is your first reaction, perception, emotion? Where do you feel it? What do you want to do when you feel this way?

I believe we may start to realize that there may be some “code” that is running the show. That is all okay — until we wish to change the channel cause we have seen that movie to many times and never liked the ending.

all rights reserved © joan severance 2013