Matter—does it matter?

Recently I have been in touch with many who have led me to psychics of sorts as well as hypnotherapists. My questions to these people have been about skin, thought, ancestry, and how the spoken word—or even the words that were spoken long ago–may still have vibrational effects upon biological function in one who lives today.

In other words—do the thoughts, feelings, perceptions, words and beliefs of ancestors transmit into their descendants—us?

If it is true that “genetic” information is passed along in the form of “physical” traits that are expressed as hair color, body type, predispositions to anything, etc…., then it must hold true that “genetic” information holds the vibrations of thoughts, feelings and perception as well—as the new physics has proven, that everything is vibration and that DNA is “information”. Information that can be “altered” by many things. If it can be altered in a negative way–as in illness–it can also be altered in a positive way–as in healing.

Science has proven that DNA can be altered by chemicals, drugs, stress, environment and recent studies have shown that “light” shown through an egg of one species onto the eggs of another—cause the eggs that have been “lit” to become those of the species that the “light” was shown through—-amazing….Light alters DNA information.

The statements and expressions in this post are mine and based solely on my beliefs. I am not a doctor, nor is any of this medical advise. if you wish medical advise, seek a Dr. If you wish an alternative way of thinking about this and other things—read on.

If light is vibration, some of which is visible to the human eye—most is not—then vibration is responsible for holding and or altering DNA. Other forms of vibration are music, sound, electricity, magnetism, radio waves, x-rays, microwaves and cosmic rays.

Cymatics shows us how structures change through vibration with visible experiments so that we see that by switching from one “tone-frequency” to the next on the scale can immediately alter the environment. Here are a few links to take a peek.

Now Dr. Masaru Emoto, world re-knowned for his studies on water crystals under impressions of photos, sound, words and prayer—gives us photographic proof that the vibration of each of these does effect water—-we are 90% water…do these same effects happen to us?

Ever listen or play a digeradoo? listen and see what happens here

My answer would be yes—if we let them—-remember–‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? I do—and now many decades later I realize the importance of teaching that to our children….that simple intent, statement, prayer if you wish alters your water molecules and protects them, just as the words and sound do in Emoto’s experiments.

Why do I mention this in regards to Vitiligo?

I believe it is time that there is a Universal Statement that is made for anyone to use. This statement will be much like the saying for the children above–only more directed to our body. Here is one I offer up today—and there will be more to come.

“My DNA messages support  that I have beautiful, flawless and even toned skin of a/an _________________________ complexion (choose based upon heritage and predominant skin color) all over my body and throughout my lifetime. My DNA maintains this beautiful, flawless even skin tone and complexion easily and effortlessly for my life. Thank you. It is done and I am grateful”

In natural medicine it takes 3 weeks to break a habit and 3 weeks to acquire a new one. If you would like to, write down the above statement, carry it with you and say it to yourself or out loud at least once a day for 6 weeks….see what happens.

NOW—the important part is to realize that ALL thought and words have the same action—so ONCE you write it down and say it—DO NOT say, think or write anything other than that statement in reference to your skin color, patches, tone etc. If anyone says anything negative to you–or you feel negative in anyway in regards to your skin patches…grab the statement, say it, as many times as needed….have no doubt, feel the change happening, visualize it. Smile at them and wish them LOVE in their heart and walk away.

As in the videos on Cymatics and the water photos on Emoto’s website—frequency changes the environment…the environment in this case is your DNA message to your skin. i I think, those with the expression of Vitiligo, got some mixed signals along the way. Maybe we got them from our ancestors, maybe we got them from our parents, maybe we got them from friends, TV, radio, music, commercials, or even our own self-doubts…either way–the signals and information got mixed up.

I have started this program of “thought change” on March 2, 2014….I will keep you posted of my progress.  I wish all of you great success in changing the way you think about this and many things in life so that your life may be an easier path, less bumps and smooth sailing ahead.