If the hormone creams and patches work as well as the nicotine patches–then doesn’t it make sense that anything you put on your skin may go into your body / blood stream?

Knowing this it may be a good idea to look at the list of ingredients in products and how some of them may effect you in a negative way–especially in their accumulation.

  • Phenolic compounds have been studied and believed to be involved with the loss of function in melanocytes. They are used in the manufacturing of plastics, resins, synthetic rubber, paints, deodorants, pesticides, inks, varnishes and dyes…think about it–since you were born–how much of this stuff have you accumulated in your lymph system?
  • Hydrogen Peroxide– anyone who has ever colored their hair knows the power of this stuff. I have stopped coloring my hair, not only because of the H2O2 but the tremendous amount of dyes that are known to cause chemical vitiligo. Maybe hair color actually cause your hair to turn more and more grey as you use it—I never see anyone getting less grey hair with its use
  • Certain glues and dyes-especially black dye–used in shoes, purses, watch straps and other leather goods– has been known to cause vitiligo. I noticed a developed a light spot just where my wristband of my watch sat on my arm–I no longer where a watch.
  • hair color…filled with metals and dyes, uses hydrogen peroxide to open the hair strands so that these metals and dyes can be deposited into the hair..hence, the hair now is a constant supply of toxins on your scalp, neck and shoulders…plus the hydrogen peroxide sat right on your scalp…think about going natural. I did. So freeing. Have more time and more money in my pocket and my hair feels fantastic.
  • certain foods might create problems as well..I know anti-oxidants are good for us–but maybe the Sulphur based ones are what we need, due to the chain reaction in the body

This list will continue to grow

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