Dr. Fernando Morales in Guatemala City, Guatemala has had success in pigmenting Vitiligo. His premise is that an extreme shock or trauma happens that cause an overabundant supply of adrenaline to the system which in turn decreases oxygen supply,damaging the nerve synapse that causes the neuronal net to collapse. This collapse causes the symptoms of white patches as the message from the nerves is not able to be delivered to the areas.

He likens Vitiligo with Diabetes and Alopecia Areata, saying all are caused the same way and by improving the condition of the area where the nerve net has collapsed and relaxing the mind and patient from stress, these conditions can reverse as well.

I have experienced Alopecia at one time in my life and my hair grew in white in that space when it came back and remains white today. So he could have a point here. I was going through my first divorce when that happened and was under a lot of self imposed stress. The moral challenge of divorce was what I was battling the hardest and the fact that i did not want to hurt my spouse. Two core issues which bring me to the conclusion that Vitiligo as well as the other two conditions mentioned must stem from ones CORE being or UNDERSTANDING, the innate sense of self, what is right or wrong for us based on the morals we came in with and infused with in our life and the way we live our life.

When these are in direct opposition to what we need to do, want to do or have to do I can see how the “emotional and psychological” stress would be enormous. And If at the same time there is no one around to support and talk you through it, the detriments of the adrenaline (survival mode, fight or flight) could cause fuses to blow inside, unbeknownst to self.

I look forward to speaking with Dr Morales, as soon as I find a translator, so he can share deeper insight into his program of recovery, successes of his patients and how he discovered his theory and treatment.

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“Words” – How they hurt and heal

I was lead to an amazing book lately and wanted to share some insights I have gathered from reading it…mind you, it is very scientific and filled with studies from front to back–but the studies prove that the “word” can be the cause of many conditions, illnesses and neurosis that people suffer from…

The “word” also can heal them all from their these issues and the studies proved it!

I have always know that “thought creates reality” and as an actress I have had the pleasure of knowing exactly what that means through being open to a direction given by a Director in a scene….yes–it is all acting, but the emotions and feelings that can arise from “words” of direction whispered in an ear are very powerful and lead to some outstanding performances on screen….and off.

What if everything you thought, had an effect on your physical being?

You wake up in the morning and say, ” I feel so tired.” Is it any surprise that you are -tired the entire day?

Is it possible to become aware of what say before we utter the words? Does it matter if we say or just think the thoughts?

If every thing is vibration (energy), which quantum physics has proven – then our thoughts are energy as well. The effect they have on us or who they are directed towards is measurable with sensitive machines.

So, be careful what you think – as the outcome of that enerrgy may effect your physical being.

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