Carrot Seed Soap, Hemp & Neem Soap and Honey & Black seed soap–all from Wanakee Hill are excellent soaps to use with vitiligo. Formulated with ingredients that nourish the skin as well as provide essential oils in healing vitiligo–beautiful colors for the eyes as well as being a large sufficient bar of soap…I love these!

I currently use a formula created with my hair dresser–and my product line JOAN SEVERANCE HAIR CARE–love the scent and the way it makes my hair feel…currently available at my shop

In cleaning the house I use Olive Oil for the woods, Vinegar and water for the glass and shiny surfaces, and Everclear alcohol and water 50/50 for disinfectant…essential oils can be added to the Oilve Oil and Everclear mix to add a scent and healing properties to the space.

Toothpaste without FLUORIDE is a must as the fluoride accumulates and is highly toxic and is considered a poison. I use Natures Gate fluoride free toothpaste. I feel no amount of fluoride is a safe amount and every municipal water district adds it to the water supply—check your local water district for the amount added to your water and stop drinking, showering or bathing in this poisonous concoction.

There are several companies that make filters that can be added to a shower head or hung over a tub filler or faucet that will filter out the chlorine and fluoride in the water. Both of these take up on the IODINE receptors and block the Thyroid from obtaining the iodine it needs to function properly–no wonder we have rampant THYROID diseases in this country. H2O labs has a few products that are worthy for the home.

As far as make-up goes ladies—use as little as possible. I switched all of mine to Bare Minerals–seems to be the best at this moment out there –I know there is another company that has better colors and will get the name soon to post up here. I never use lipstick, just a lip pencil and some coconut oil or Vit D3 oil. Olive and coconut oils are great make-up removers and moisturizers…you can get coconut oil in small packs. Makes it easy to travel.

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