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Minerals, minerals, minerals….we need them, they are important characters in all body functions, so why is it so hard to get them in a system that can’t function without them?

One reason may be the soil depletion over the years. It seems farming took a turn to other types of fertilizing than composting…so the soil is disappearing in a way and along with it the minerals.

Certain areas of the world are known for certain mineral content in their soil and water due to the erosion of rocks by water that allows them to be carried and naturally flooded across the plains. So diversion of the natural water stream or river may cause depletion. In other areas, like farm land that is constantly churning out product, there isn’t enough time to replenish the soil of the minerals that the crops have taken out.

There is a remedy! Schussler Cell Salts. Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler was influenced by the discoveries of Rudolf Virchow, the founder of cellular pathology, who taught that all illnesses are based upon a change in function or condition of cells in the body….Vitiligo symptoms are caused by a change in function in the melanocyte or surrounding cells that disrupt the melanocytes function.

Digesting the larger molecule of minerals is not always the best way to get them into a system that is already challenged with functioning issues. The cell salts work kind of like homeopathy. They are “finer” molecules and by placing them under the tongue they enter the bloodstream quickly, bypassing the need of digestion energy and breakdown. Upon ingestion, they are rapidly transported into our bloodstream and from there into the cells that require nourishment. Hence, shifts and changes in acute situations are quickly noticed.

Our bodies use these salts on a daily basis to provide the proper balance within, to guarantee organ function and the elimination of toxins, oxygen transport, fighting inflammation etc. so that we can stay healthy. Each of the minerals has a certain job. The list below is a partial list and provides a short overview.

Calc fluor is used to promote elasticity to connective tissue and skin. It also gives form to bone and all surfaces of the organism.

Calc phos is found in bones, muscles, blood, dentin, spine, nerves. Its main function is to process protein.

Calc sulph acts upon the liver, gall bladder, spleen and testicles. It loosens mucous, is acid-reducing and acts on hardening processes in the organism.

Ferr phos is the oxygen transporter into the body and is found in the blood, in all vessels and in the intestines.

Kali mur is the fuel for the glands. It binds toxins but does not eliminate them, and its main action is on the mucous membranes, connective tissue and glands.

Kali phos is an energy carrier. It builds new cells, regulates metabolism in muscles, has an antiseptic function, binds with some toxins, prevents cell break down and is found in muscles, tissue and nerves.

Kali sulph facilitates the conversion of oxygen from the blood into the cell. It eliminates deposited toxins and has its main action in the spleen, liver and GI tract. It is also found in the skin and mucous membranes.

Mag phos excretes through the kidneys, activates enzymes, binds gases and helps to eliminate them. Its main action is on all involuntary functions of the organs (all hollow muscles). It is a great nerve remedy, and for cramping pain in general.

Nat mur regulates the fluid in the organism. It is a heat regulator, and works on regeneration and renewal of tissue, cells and fluids.

Nat phos transforms uric acid into urea and has its hand in fat and sugar metabolism. It regulates blood pH. Its main action is on the stomach, lymph and tissue.

Nat sulph eliminates toxins from the body and removes wastes. It balances body temperature and acts mainly on the liver and gall bladder.

Silicea is the fuel as well as the construction material for the connective tissue. It acts on nerves, skin, nails, hair, connective tissues, cells and intracellular substances.

In chronic conditions that take some years to develop, osteoporosis in this example, the dosing needs to be done over a prolonged time period as the body seems to have misplaced the information it needs on how to activate the Calc fluor, Calc phos, Mag phos, Nat mur, Nat phos and Silicea functions.
In chronic cases, the nutrients that have been taken in through food are used up very quickly and the mineral stores in the body have not been filled and never have a chance to get filled. With the help of the dynamized cell salts, the function is activated so that the mineral stores can be filled up again. Recommendations would be 16-20 tablets of the complete mixture of the cell salts daily in chronic conditions.

These salts can be used orally in tablet form or diluted in hot water, or can be applied externally in creams or easily made into a paste to treat skin conditions.

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