ROS – reactive oxygen species

ROS-reactive oxygen species–FREE RADICALS are not something you wish to try to acquire, free or otherwise! These are very dangerous and may lead to melanin and melanocyte malfunction.
High stress is one of the cause of these nasty things and a majority of people who acquired Vitiligo are either high strung on the nervous side or had an extremely stressful situation that brought on the condition.

Something to look at in regards to ROS and Dr. Schallreuters treatment effectiveness is the fact that her cream has manganese in it…manganese.
Why is this so special?

SOD—superoxide dismutases—enzymes that catalyze the superoxides that are cause by the ROS. There are three types of SOD –SOD1, SOD2 and SOD3. SOD1 and SOD3 need copper to function properly and SOD2, located in the mitochondria, needs manganese.

Maybe Dr. Schallreuters cream with this manganese in it and the Dead Sea, high in manganese as well as other trace minerals, combination finally allow the body to do its job properly by supplying it with the necessary nutrients as well as the necessary method to stimulate the process that calls for the SOD.

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