Five Elements

Doing research for my book on my experience with Vitiligo, has led me in many and every direction. Modern medicine doesn’t seem to have a cure, nor does it seem that they are looking for a cure.

I say that because the doctors I have spoken to still have no idea how Vitiligo is caused. So, if they have no idea how it is caused—how can they fix it?

If you have a car – and something goes wrong, you take it to a mechanic. The mechanic looks at it based on what you said it sounds like or how it was functioning or not. He looks at the “why’s” of what might cause the demise of the car. Then he tinkers around and hopefully fixes it. If you tell him that you heard a clunk under the middle of the car when you turned on the ignition AND he says – “Oh—we definitely have to change the paint color and the wheels and maybe even the seat belts, that will take care of the problem.” Would you believe him? Would you follow his advise?

Or would you ask – how can a huge clunk in the middle of the car have anything to do with seat belts, paint or wheels? You might follow the advise of the above mentioned mechanic if every mechanic you go to says the exact same thing.

When visiting a doctor about Vitiligo, the same answers are always received–We have no idea what causes it -there is no cure – and , usually, insurance will not cover any treatments we may have that could or could not reverse the pigmentation over a long period of time – and there is no guarantee that you will not get any new de-pigmentation in the future – ALSO – it’s autoimmune.

So obviously there is no research being directed at the cause…just the symptoms.

My path of research is leading me away from modern medicine and back to ancient methods.

Five Elements is something that I have tried lately. It is an acupuncture technique that focuses on the Five Elements – Wind, Water, Fire, earth and Metal.

Each of the elements reacts – enhances or overburdens another. An acupuncturist that really knows the Five Element technique – can zero in quickly on the “weakest” link.

I my case, it seems to be Stomach/Spleen.

Whatever that means -right? Well , in the explanations that I have been able to deduce, based on my lack of the Korean language, STRESS overburdens the Stomach/Spleen meridian.

I have always thought that emotional stresses are the cause for many, if not most, illnesses…when I saw the Five Element chart and how Stress effected other elements, I recalled my life and the “perceived” stresses in it.

It was also explained to me that you can be born with a weak Stomach/Spleen meridian. Toss any stress on an already stressed system and viola—many conditions are explain—Vitiligo being one of them.

Stay tuned for my as I try out different techniques along my path to a cure for Vitiligo.

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